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Posted by Administrator on Aug 20 2017
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Bali RaftingFor those of you who want to travel or holiday to Ubud, there are many tourists attractions that can be visited, one of them is rafting in Ayung River. For those of you who love activity in the water, must try rafting in the ayung River.

Ayung Rafting is located on the ayung River. Ayung River is the longest river in Bali that flows along 62.5 km and empties into the Badung Strait, Sanur. However for rafting purposes, the track is used only 12 km long and it is located in Payangan village, Ubud Gianyar.

Itinerary Rafting in the Ayung River :

- After arriving at the starting point, rafting on the Ayung River will begin soon. Participants will be briefed by instructor of Ayung River rafting who has been trained and experienced. The rafting instructor will be introduce rafting equipment such as a life jacket, a paddle, a rubber boat, a sitting position on a boat, a way to save oneself if the boat is upside down, and other things related to the comfort and safety of the rafting participants.

- Especially for Rafting in Ayung river available rubber boat capacity of 4 participants and 6 participants. Each boat will have 1 person rafting instructor. For about 2 hours you will wade through the Ayung River. The mileage will pass, approximately 12 km.

- On the Rafting trip of the Ayung Ubud River, participants can enjoy the ayung river rafting and take pictures with background carvings contained on the river wall rock . Balinese carved art engraved on the ayung river wall is the main characteristic of rafting tourism activity in Ubud, Bali.

- If your child wants to try ayung rafting activity, you do not have to worry because the flow of the ayung river is not too heavy and the rapids are not swooping. However, children must be accompanied by parents. This sport is very exciting and challenging , let alone done bustling with family, and friends.

- After wading through the Ayung Ubud River along 12 km, rafting participants will arrive at the finish point. At the finish point provide a place to rest, dressing room, bathroom, and towels. Ayung rafting tourist attractions crowded by tourist from domestic and foreign. Only USD 40/person, you can enjoy the rafting in the longest river in Bali.

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