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Posted by Administrator on Aug 16 2017
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Alas KedatonUbud is one of the different destinations of a number of tourist attractions in Bali. Ubud presents a place where peace and peace of the soul can be enjoyed. Located in Gianyar Regency, Ubud tourist are of Bali is a famous for its history, art and culture that is so fascinating. Ubud has long been known among tourists, both of domestic and foreign. When you visit Ubud, many places you can visit such as:

Monkey forest

Monkey Forest Ubud is one of the monkey forest that served as a tourist attraction in Bali. Its location is strategically located adjacent to downtown Ubud so that tourist can so easy to access this place. The tourist attraction of Monkey Forest has a total area of about 10 hectares. Monkey forest tourism object which is also called as Mandala Tour Wanara Wana is a very sacred area by the people of Padangtegal Traditional Village. Tourist attraction Monkey Forest has 125 types of plants consisting of bamboo trees, betel nuts, mahogany trees and majegau trees and a variety of plants associated with the ceremony. In addition, in terms of animal preservation, tourist attraction Monkey Forest has the number of monkeys that now reach 300 tail. Tourist attraction Monkey Forest Ubud is indeed more famous than other monkey forest, that is why the protected forest is inhabited by hundreds of tame monkeys is always crowded visitors, whether domestic or foreign. Everyday monkey forest Ubud is visited by thousands of tourists, not to mention during the holiday seasons. The number of visits will increase. That is why monkey forest monkeys are more docile, because they are familiar with different foreign visitors, as well as food intake is always considered by the officers and many officers who are in the field so that visitors to monkey forest attractions feel comfortable and safe. For entrance fee to monkey forest Rp 50.000,00 will be charged.

Ubud Palace

After you visit monkey forest, other interesting places you can visit is Ubud Palace which is located not far from the Monkey Forest. Ubud Saren palace is a very beautiful royal palace of Ubud while maintaining the traditional houses that became the residence of Raja Ubud. The existence of this castle shows the soul and identity of Ubud Village itself specifically, and Bali in general. No wonder this place is visited tourist every day.

Ubud Market

A place that is not less interesting that you can visit in addition to the place above is the market that is located on the opposite side of Ubud Palace. Every day this Ubud Market is very busy visited by tourist both domestic and foreign. In Ubud Market, you can find many kinds of handicrafts, such as wooden handicrafts, paintings, batik, bags made of woven and many more traditional items that you can find here. If you want to directly meet people who make woodcraft, or want to learn to sculpt, you can visit Mas Village which is located not far from Ubud Village. Beside that if you are interested to learn to paint directly or see people making paintings and various paintings made by Balinese artists, you can visit Batuan Village which is located about 5 km from Ubud Village


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